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Now everybody knows where is the Crimea ! "Crimea, Russia" or "Crimea, Ukraine" ? The peninsula has officially become Russian territory. The international community continue debating the territorial status of Crimea. KazantipVoyage team prefers not to take sides in the hot topic of the moment and is doing its best to objectively describe the situation.

Some countries try to prevent their citizens from going to Crimea. We can say that Crimea should be put into the list of the places that are really safe for tourists. Provided you always treat people with respect, attitude of population toward foreign visitors is very welcome. Such is the reality.

Crimea has much to offer its visitors, including kazantip. A place every intrepid traveller should have to go if they want to make a difference to the world. This summer the sky will be blue, the sea crystal clear and sand warm. We are optimistic.
There are many question marks hanging over Crimea at the moment. You should monitor our travel advice regularly to get updated information about your trip to kazantip.
Official The Great Nation of kazantip has decided to offer a free viza to all girls of Ukraine and Crimea. For Crimean girls and Ukrainian girls, access to the territory of the Republic Kazantip will be free in 2014 !
Do not miss the unique opportunity to change history. You are all welcome to kazantip without distinction of nationality.

KAZANTIP REPUBLIC announces its return for 2014 ! The 2-week long electronic music show will return to the glistening sunny shores of Popovka in Crimea, from 31 July – 14 August, once again welcoming the cream of the electronic music scene...

The Team of "Kazantip Voyage", tour operator, invites you to the 9th year at Kazantip 2014 this summer in Crimea for the 22nd edition of this unique and original event. Kazantip takes place in the village of Popovka in the Crimea (equivalent to the Cote d'Azur for people from the former USSR countries), near the Black Sea. Kazantip is an ideal destination for summer vacation, it is definitely the craziest, hottest and funniest event of this summer!


In order not to miss anything of Kazantip 2014, be there from the very begining, on the 31st of July untill August, 14. Line up Kazantip 2014 will join the best of techno-house scene.

An experience that one must have at least once in a lifetime. Kazantip - an enormous beach-party on the greatest sandy beach, holiday 24h/7 on the dozen of open air dance floors, thousands of the best clubbers, a lot of emotions, energy, light, sound, costumes, love and freedom ! This website is also dedicated to travel in Crimea to Kazantip and OdessaSevastopolYalta and EvpatoriaHotels and apartment rentals in Crimea all the year round ! 
For nine years, our travel agency welcomes in Crimea thousands of visitors who come from all over the world : United States of America, Canada, Brazil, Australia, United Kingdom, Israël, France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland , Turkey, Chili and many other countries !
Party, relaxation, water sports, new friends: your best vacation under the Kazantip sun! Departures are guaranteed, but number of flight seats and hotel rooms is limited. See hot deals and on the site.
We recommend you to book your hotel or apartment as well as the transportation at the best prices before the rates increase.

Viza ticket entry kazantip 2014 at a very special price...

In order to enter Kazantip Republic you need a Kazantip ViZa or kazantip entry ticket. The Kazantip republic offers sometimes some special deals online, but without predetermined schedule. We invite you to register on the official website (vizas department) to be in touch and get a viza at a very special price. As every year, the purchase will also be available on site. At the moment you can apply for ViZa to Z22 (2014). A little later you will get a chance to gain the ViZa for free or to buy it at a special price of 7000 RUB or about 135 euros* (about 185 USD).
*The transaction involves a currency conversion. We cannot guarantee the exact exchange rate and cannot be responsible for its real-time realization. 
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Kazantip Voyage (Travel agency)


  • a wide choice of hotels and apartments at Kazantip (Popovka village) at the best parity quality and price with secured system of payments. We advise you to book in advance to be sure to have a room in the hotel.
Click a photo hotel kazantip to enlarge it
  • the option to pay your stay into two parts, from 30% deposit and the remaining balance upon arrival
  • assistance for booking of tour in Crimea and assistance 24 / 7 when you arrive on place ;
  • best information and discounts for transport by plane and by train ;
  • best information for the purchase of pass for Kazantip 2014 (unlimited number of tickets) ;
  • free transfers from / to the airport or railway station (we are the only company that offers this service for free, for a trip of 110 km from Simferopol!) ;
  • 9 years' experience of meeting thousands of satisfied clients at Kazantip ;
  • possibility to complete your stay at Kazantip with tours to Odessa, Sevastopol and Evpatoria

Tips Kazantip 2014 : anticipate and book  your vacation at Kazantip now and save more ! 

Airlines and hotels operate on the same principle: hot deals apply only to the first bookings, after that the price increases gradually as the availability of seats in airplanes and rooms in hotels decreases. If you are going on vacation to Kazantip or another trip in Crimea, it is better to book in advance. With Kazantip Voyage the prices decrease, you don't have to make any engagements !
There are many advantages of booking your Kazantip stay in advance : 
  • a bigger choice of hotels. In April, the best hotels are already sold out ;
  • you still have a chance to save more. It is even possible to get the first minute offer, to pay in parts (from 30% deposit and the remaining balance upon arrival).

You will be happy to find among the hot deal offer the best offers Kazantip 2014


Many of you ask us numerous questions about Kazantip: we try to answer them. On the pages of our website you will find various info about Kazantip. We also tell you about prices at Kazantip and security conditions at Kazantip.
Kazantip - a festival? what is kazantip? where you are going ?

Join us this summer for the 22nd edition of Kazantip in Crimea ! 

Kazantipvoyage.com is the site dedicated to organisation of tours for Kazantip 2014When we have started to speak about Kazantip, none would have bet on such a madness among European youngsters, even if the majority of the citizens of the republic is still from Russia. One of our first slogans with our partners had been: "if you have never been there, it is hard to explain"... but nevertheless we still try to explain it here.

Kazantip is unique with its 24/24 music on the super beach of the Black sea, ideal weather in the month of August and the total disorientation. The year of 2014 will be the 22nd anniversary of Kazantip, the super good summer in perspective in the Crimea. We hope to meet you in 2014. The average duration of stay for our clients is 12-15 days. Kazantip is the perfect place to spend your summer vacations in the most original and festive way.

The present of Kazantip Voyage for 22 years of Kazantip - cheap packages Kazantip 2014
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Kazantip is in Crimea and not anywhere else!

kazantip mapKazantip has always been in Crimea and it will rest here (orange on the map beside). 
Kazantip 2013 was in Crimea and it was successful. Thousands of clubbers came to taste the spirit and the music of the event that was elected as the "Best festival" at "Ibiza Awards 2010".
As the previous years, our tour operator Club Ukraine hosted in 2013 several hundreds of people who came from France, Belgium and Switzerland but also from USA, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Brazil, United Kingdom, Italy...

The dates of Kazantip 2014 ! From July 31 to August 14, 2014 

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The dates of Kazantip 2014 : July 31 to August 14. Festival Kazantip is an experience one must have at least once in a lifetime! From now on you can already book your trip to Kazantip: check our offers below on this page. 

We also invite you to discover what Crimea has to offer apart from Kazantip. Take the most from your trip to Crimea - come before the beginning of the festival and stay longer after it is over. Visit Odessa, YaltaEvpatoria or SevastopolWe want to thank Ukraine International Airlines company for its exclusive partnership, renewed in 2014 - the proof of the confidence that they have in us.

The previous edition of Kazantip took place over three weeks. In 2012 they changed the rules: now the republic of Kazantip opens its doors at the end of July each year but the closing of the territory is brought forward to August 14. Result: the party will gain intensity. Unfortunately, the small village of Popovka can not provide housing for everyone, the first half of August is usually high season time with a lot of holiday makers coming. The number of people who want to attend the 22nd anniversary of Kazantip (up to 50 thousand people expected) will be higher than the number of proposed housing corresponding to international standards of comfort (several hundreds of rooms only).

Traditionally the weekends of opening and closing of Kazantip were popular and last-minute accommodation was hard to find but possible, of course, you had to pay much more.
This year, because of dates change, many will want to stay for the whole event (two weeks). Two weeks promise to be very intensive but it will probably be impossible to find accommodation once there, at the last minute (unless you want to sleep under the stars or in totally unsanitary.).
We suggest you to book now to get best possible prices as long as there are at least some airplane tickets and hotel rooms available. We also draw your attention to the fact that your plane tickets will cost cheaper if you buy them beforehand. About prices, we can also inform you that alcohol and cigarettes are very cheap in Crimea.

Official schedule for Kazantip 2014

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  • July, 31 is the opening of the territory. You can start your holiday earlier, on July 29 and spend couple more days in Evpatoria, clubbing capital of Crimea, just near Kazantip (20 minutes by car)
  • the territory of Kazantip closes on August, 14.

We are grateful to the company Ukraine International Airlines for this exclusive partnership, proof of our mutual confidence. Attention: the website Kazantipvoyage.com is the property of tour operator Club Ukraine n° of license 7349. The tours of Club Ukraine to Kazantip are sold only by the website Kazantipvoyage.com. 


You've got one or several questions about Kazantip, your trip to Kazantip in Crimea, your Kazantip booking, about our hotels at Kazantip? You can contact us and we will answer your questions for free. We are right on site at Kazantip.
You've got 3 options to contact us at Kazantip:

Kazantip info: call us by Skype, it's FOR FREE!

Skype lets you join us, at Kazantip in Crimea, whatever your geographical position is. The skype calls via internet are free of charge. If you never used skype before, you can create your skype account. This will take one or two minutes. Then you will be able to call us for free. You should just click  "call me" or ask to add you to our skype contacts. Our skype account is: club-ukraine.

Skype Me™!

Kazantip info: call our hot line ph. + 380503970325

It's simple using your phone or cell-phone, you can call us directly at Kazantip. Our phone number is +380503970325. If you call from France, Belgium or Sweden, you can contact our hot-line from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m., 7 days a week

Kazantip info: free call-back

We offer you to leave your coordinates for us so that we can re-contact you as soon as possible. No paid numbers, no bad surprises - we just call you back on your number. Generally the time of respond is 24 hours from the receipt of your demand. To ask for a call-back » click here

You can also send us a message via the contact form and we will answer your questions by email


That's it, this year you will not miss the Kazantip Festival! Is it a longly prepared idea or a sudden one, it is important to make a good preparation of your trip to Kazantip and to ask for reliable providers.
Contact kazantipvoyage.com (tour operator Club Ukraine, license 7349), it's an absolute guarantee to get services of the best parity quality-price, to be accompanied while organising your trip to Kazantip; to spend the best vacations possible.
We offer you assistance from A to Z, your guarantee of maximal security and useful advice. Do the same as the numerous clients who contact us every year and who come back to spend their exceptional vacations in Crimea and at Kazantip.
You will not regret. The average tour booked with Kazantip Voyage is from 12 to 15 days to get the maximum from Kazantip and Crimea (Odessa, Sevastopol, Yalta, Evpatoria ...) and to see the most interesting cities that are united by clubbing, beauty and history.

How long to stay at Kazantip? Which hotel at Kazantip? Which apartment at Kazantip?

Our offers for Kazantip 2014 are adapted for everyone. The pass Kazantip 2014 and transport cost you the same whatever the duration of your stay is... That is why the most part of the citizens of Kazantip choose to stay minimum a week to have a good profit of the event. And life at Kazantip is very intensive... For every client the transfers to/from the airport and railway station are for free.

Book now your hotel to have the best price before it's too late! The number of available places is limited. We advise you to book your hotel room for Kazantip 2014 as beforehand as possible, and at the same time book your plane tickets. The earlier your book - the cheaper journey you will have !

Hotels at Kazantip 2014: this year again we offer you our hotels just a few minutes walking from the festival and the beach. Individual rooms or rooms for 2, 3 and 4 people with or without half board. And we also offer apartments at Kazantip 2014: the minimal period of stay for apartments is 7 nights.

You can book your trip and pay online with your credit card on the secured web-page in less than 3 minutes.

Numerous TV reports on Kazantip as well as advertisement on radio and internet gave the festival an international success. Those who come first will be served first! We offer you vacations at Kazantip beginning from late July to mid-August 2014.

kazantip beach


Availability of Kazantip hotels is updated in the real-time taking new bookings into consideration. We are the only website offering the availability of our hotels in the real-time mode. The available rooms offered by Kazantip Voyage cannot be sold on other websites and by other tour operators. We still have available rooms for one, two, three, four or five people, with or without air conditioning, with or without half board. We also propose suites and wooden bungalows on the beach. Please, note that booking with Kazantip Voyage you will not share your room with strangers (which is the case on other websites) ! All our hotels are located in the village of Popovka (where Kazantip takes place) a few minutes walk from the beach and Kazantip. 

OUR PACKAGES cheap hotels at Kazantip


Hot deal 2014 in our hotel just a few minutes by walk from Kazantip

Number of rooms is limited! Rooms for one, two, three or four people in a hotel that is just a few minutes walk from Kazantip and the beach. The low price hot deals are limited. This hotel is offered EXCLUSIVELY by KAZANTIPVOYAGE.COM. With us you've got the guarantee to be exactly in the same hotel that is on the photos! Book now, before it's too late!

Hot deal Kazantip cheap standard room 8 days / 7 nights

hotel kazantipOne week to enjoy Kazantip, at least! Every year guests book a room for 4 or 5 days, and once they are on the place - want to extend their stay, but everything is already sold out! That is why we offer 8 days stays with free round trip transfer and assistance 24h/7. This package will let you and your friends get the best of Kazantip visiting either the opening or the closing weekend and participation in weekend opening or closing weekend. It is also possible to book these rooms for one, two or three persons. For detailed info of your next vacation at Kazantip please visit the page of Kazantip cheap hot deal

Early bird offer | room for one or two persons 8 days / 7 nights

hotel kazantip
A stay of 8 days / 7 nights for 2 persons (room with 2 beds and air conditioning) is available from 367 euros, including free round trip transfer and assistance 24/7. We offer economic rooms at lowest prices, always clean and perfect for a low-cost vacation at Kazantip. Number of rooms is limited. For detailed info about your vacations at Kazantip 2014 please check the page Kazantip eco rooms at lowest price. It is also possible to book these rooms for one person only. At Kazantip we do not sell rooms that you would share with a stranger. 

OUR PACKAGES all inclusive hotel with pool, sauna, WiFi


Hot deal all inclusive package half-board hotel with pool 12 nights 

hotel kazantipReal vacation with no worries. We've thought about everything. So you can spend all your time partying! Packages offered in our hotel with pool are only possible with half or full-board. All rooms have air conditioners and refrigerators. Free unlimited Wifi Internet... free round trip transfer from/to the airport of Simferopol, assistance in English is available 24/7, pre-registration of Kazantip pass... All these services for just 699 euros all taxes included per person in triple room for 12 nights. This package is also available in twin room (2 beds). It is possible to learn more about this offer on the page All-inclusive package hotel 2014


With Kazantip Voyage there is nothing impossible. You can come when you want, sole or with your friends, stay less than a week, stay more and even live here for the whole duration of Kazantip! However, if you want to stay less than 7 nights we recommend you to compare the tailor made offer with our hot deals. Actually for a stay of 7 days and more our hot deals are more attractive.

To check examples of price according to the duration of stay, room type or number of travellers : click here

Hotel kazantip "Galia" - top recommended » read more

  • the best price
  • guaranteed availability
  • distance to the beach (7 min walk), distance to Kazantip (10 min walk)
  • dining arrangement: room only rate, no meals included... an opportunity to save money, on site-restaurant and bar
  • free WiFi
  • 24/7 advice and assistance whilst on your holiday
  • complimentary transfers from airport to hotel and from hotel to airport
  • health insurance (mandatory for visitors entering the country) is included
  • possible to pay in two parts, deposit from 30% and the remaining balance upon arrival 

Hotel kazantip "Piotr" » read more

  • the best price
  • distance to the beach (5 min walk), distance to Kazantip (5 min walk)
  • dining arrangement: room only rate, no meals included, shared kitchen facilities where you can make your own meals
  • free WiFi
  • 24/7 advice and assistance whilst on your holiday
  • complimentary transfers from airport to hotel and from hotel to airport
  • health insurance (mandatory for visitors entering the country) is included
  • possible to pay in two parts, deposit from 30% and the remaining balance upon arrival

Hotel kazantip "Beach & swimming pool" » read more

  • the shortest distance to the beach (1 min walk), distance to Kazantip (15 min walk)
  • comfort (all rooms have AC and fridge)
  • swimming pool
  • dining arrangement: room only rate, no meals included, on site-restaurant and bar
  • free WiFi
  • 24/7 advice and assistance whilst on your holiday
  • complimentary transfers from airport to hotel and from hotel to airport
  • health insurance (mandatory for visitors entering the country) is included
  • possible to pay in two parts, possible to pay in two parts, deposit from 30% and the remaining balance upon arrival

Hotel kazantip "On the beach" » read more

  • the best price (for 2 or 3 pers. wooden bungalows with full-board)
  • the shortest distance to the beach (1 min walk), distance to Kazantip (15 min walk)
  • dining arrangements: full-board (breakfast, lunch and dinner are included), on site-restaurant
  • free WiFi
  • 24/7 advice and assistance whilst on your holiday
  • complimentary transfers from airport to hotel and from hotel to airport
  • health insurance (mandatory for visitors entering the country) is included
  • possible to pay in two parts, 50% now, 50% upon arrival

Hotel kazantip "Chalet" » read more

  • the shortest distance to the beach (1 min walk)
  • the shortest distance to Kazantip (3 min walk)
  • comfort
  • sea view
  • free WiFi
  • 24/7 advice and assistance whilst on your holiday
  • complimentary transfers from airport to hotel and from hotel to airport
  • health insurance (mandatory for visitors entering the country) is included
  • possible to pay in two parts, deposit from 30% and the remaining balance upon arrival 

Hotel in Evpatoria » read more

  • distance to the best nightclubs of Evpatoria (3 min walk)
  • distance to the beach (5 min walk), distance to Kazantip (20 min by car)
  • swimming pool
  • dining arrangement: breakfast included, on site-restaurant and bar
  • free WiFi

TRANSPORT to get to Kazantip. Airport transfers, plane and train

Roundtrip transfer Simferopol airport - Kazantip is for free !

transferts aéroport kazantip

To come to Kazantip you should first of all arrive to Simferopol or to Kiev by plane and then (if you arrive to Kiev) take a train Kiev Simferopol. Simferopol is the administrative capital of the Crimean region. It's the first time that you hear about it? Not a problem! We wait for you at the airport or train station whatever the time of your arrival is. We are punctual and you will not have to wait. Take your time to get your luggage - and then you're in one of our minibuses or cars on the road to Kazantip, that is 110 km away from the airport. The drivers that work with us several years already know the hotel where you should be... In an hour and a half you arrive to Popovka. And the party begins!

Discover other trips in Crimea: take the most from your trip to Kazantip and discover more of what Crimea has to offer. Take a trip to one or more cities of Crimea: Evpatoria, Sevastopol or Yalta in Crimea or Odessa, cities known for their beauty, summer activities and quality night life.

Cheap flights Kazantip 2014

The nearest airport to Kazantip is the AIRPORT OF SIMFEROPOL (SIP) situated in 110 km from Kazantip. With kazantip voyage, all transfers from and to the airport of Simferopol are FOR FREE. No charter flights. Only the national ukrainian company Ukraine International Airlines offers regular flights to the airport of Simferopol. Travelling to Kazantip by plane with our partner flyuia.com, means getting the security on all the levels. No problem of flights cancelled on the last minute. These flights are regular. 

To take a flight for Kiev is often the solution to economize. A plane ticket to Kiev and train ticket Kiev Simferopol (the nearest train station to Kazantip). We offer transfers from the airport of Kiev to the train station of Kiev. The advantage is that you can stay several days in the capital and discover its daily and nightly charms. We also offer apartment rentals at Kiev.

Cheap train Kazantip 2014 from Odessa or Kiev


Kazantip by train: pay cheaper and stay two more days on the beach!

Trains between Kiev or Odessa and Simferopol are night trains. The sleeping berths are comfortable and the atmosphere is nice. You depart in the evening, spend a night in the train and about 10 a.m. you are already at Kazantip. You can see what is the end of after-party at Kazantip, and how its citizens look like at daytime, coming to the beach to spend there a day listening to music. You profit the whole first day to explore Kazantip and spend your first day on the beach. At the same time you've paid less for your plane ticket (only to Kiev and not to Simferopol) and you've economized the first night at the hotel. Same thing for your return: the flights from Simferopol are usually early in the morning while your train will leave in the evening. You can pass your last day at Kazantip just for the sunset. You will thus economize a second night at the hotel! Don't wait any longer to book your tour with the train tickets included (between Kiev or Odessa and Simferopol).

Click a photo to enlarge it
There is a less expensive way to get to Kazantip, you can get a ticket Paris-Kiev with Ukraine International Airlines. With our 15% discount, then you take the train to Simferopol. We offer the round-trip tickets on the night train in a sleeping car. ATTENTION: All trains are overnight trains. In the evening of your last day at Kazantip you take a train to Kiev (trains arrive to Kiev the next morning).
To get to Kazantip and at the same time visit the mythical city of Odessa, you can get a ticket Paris-Odessa with Ukraine International Airlines. Then you take the train Odessa-Simferopol. We offer the round-trip tickets on the night train in a sleeping car. ATTENTION: All trains are the night trains.  In the evening of your last day at Kazantip you take a train to Odessa (trains arrive to Odessa the next morning). 

The PASS or entrance ticket to Kazantip


How to get your entrance ticket (viza) for Kazantip 2014 

All the information to get your pass Kazantip 2014 here ! The viza (with a "Z") is the pass for entering Kazantip. Do not confound with a visa for entering Crimea. To enter Crimea, if you have a european passport, you do not need a visa. 
kazantipvoyage.com gives you all the necessary info to get your pass as simple as  possible. The number of places is unlimited but you have to buy it in advance. There are two types of Viza. The viza of multiple (unlimited) entries enables multiple entries to the territory of Kazantip (this is exactly what you need) and the Viza for a single entry only, valid for the one visit and cancelled after the visitor quits the territory of Kazantip (this is not what you need. It is suitable for those who spend one day at Kazantip).
You can  book your stay at Kazantip safely without the risk of not getting a ticket since Kazantip can never be filled !
The procedure of obtaining viza (entrance ticket to Kazantip) is very simple. Viza (pass) allows you to enter and leave the territory of Kazantip for unlimited period of time as many times as you want. It will be possible to buy entrance ticket on site the day of your arrival. 

The price of the pass Kazantip 2014

Sometimes the Republic of Kazantip starts online sale of Vizas on its website. The Vizas of discount prices are available but in limited quantities. It is always possible to buy viza on site if you didn't buy it online. The price of the viza on the day of arrival will be known only on July 31, 2014, but we can estimate that the viza Kazantip 2014 for unlimited entries will be offered on site at 200 euros. To be in touch and get a viza at 90 euros, register now on the  kazantip official site. You can now book your stay at Kazantip safely without the risk of not getting the entrance ticket because the number of entrances is not limited.

No VIP Pass Kazantip

Beware of such offers as "VIP PASS". Indeed there is no VIP area at Kazantip it doesn't correspond to its spirit. The only pass is the "unlimited pass", which gives you access to all the territory of Kazantip. There is no VIP area or space at Kazantip. At any moment the organisers can confirm that they have never given ANY exclusivity for re-sell of the pass. Unlimited number of tickets is available: no risk that the event is sold out. You will certainly get your pass for Kazantip festival .

LINE UP KAZANTIP 2014 Artists & Labels

DJs performing during kazantip 2009 (also called Z17) were Armin Van Buuren as a headliner and many more.  DJs performing during kazantip 2010 (also called Z18) were, among others, Above & Beyond, Carl Cox, Marco Carola, Oliver Huntemann, Guy Gerber, Tom Pooks, Josh Wink and Seba. DJs performing during kazantip 2011 (also called Z19) were Pendulum as an opening headliner as well as Sander Van Doorn, John Digweed, herman Cattaneo, Mark Knight, Marc Romboy, Richie Hawtin, Ricardo Villalobos and many many more. kazantip 2012 (also called Z20) line up included dubfire, laurent garnier, groove armada and many many more.

DJs performing during kazantip 2013 (also called Z21) were book shade, luciano, ricardo villalobos, pendulum, m.a.n.d.y, Loco Dice, Maceo Plex, Marco Carola, Moderat, ferry corsten and markus shulz and many, many more! 

Learn more about the line up kazantip 2014  The most successful electronic music labels and DJs will be here again.

Kazantip 2014 and clubbing tours in Crimea

kazantip voyage also offers tours of clubbing in Crimea, the tours that will give you the possibility to discover Crimea and its nightlife before or after your trip to Kazantip or at any moment of the year: nightclub night life odessa, nightclub night life evpatoria, nightclub night life sevastopol, nightclub night life simferopol, nightclub night life yalta. In every city we will recommend you the best addresses: clubs, beach club odessa, beach club evpatoria, beach club yalta, beach club sevastopol ! The best restaurants and a lot of other things. Crimea is the destination for parties.

Kazantip Crimea your destination for vacations 2014


Crimea Evpatoria, Sevastopol and Yalta

In 2014, Kazantip and the Crimea are among the best destinations for vacations in Europe where you can make a mix of the sun, sea and beautiful beaches from April to Septembre. Kazantip has one of the best beaches of the Crimea but they are very numerous on the peninsula near the cities of Evpatoria, Yalta or Sevastopol. The Crimea is the real paradise of water and sun for the fans of water sports. Kazantip has become the  n°1 kite surf destination of Europe. Hundreds of kyte surfers come to Kazantip in July before the opening of the international festival of music to participate in Z-games. The festival was elected in 2010 as the best festival in the world by IBIZA DJ AWARDS, but still Kazantip is more than just a festival. In 2014 your best vacations and unforgettable summer on the seashore and sunkissed beaches will be at Kazantip in the Crimea and not anywhere else. For the lovers of nature the Crimean peninsula and its original natural beauty offer a destination for vacations of your dream. The most part of european destinations for vacations: Ibiza, Barcelona are considerably influenced during the long period by the mass-tourism. The Crimean peninsula has preserved its natural beauty. Let's respect the environment...

For cheap vacations at Kazantip an early booking gives you a possibility to get the best prices for an apartment rental of a hotel at Kazantip.

Evpatoria (60 km from the airport of Simferopol and at 40 km from Kazantip)

The resort on the north-west of the Crimea, that you will pass by on your way from the airport of Simferopol to Kazantip. It's a perfect solution - to spend several days at Evpatoria before or after Kazantip in order to discover the Crimea. There you will meet a lot of Russians who come to have a rest, to party and to spend nice moments on the sunny beaches of the Black sea. You will hardly find there any foreigners. And the nightlife is really hot in summer. We offer you an accommodation in the magnificent hotel of Evpatoria with its swimming pool in the very centre of the town in several minutes walk from beaches and night clubs. Come and spend your super-vacations at Evpatoria that is less than in an hour from the airport of Simferopol.

Sevastopol at 80 km from the airport of Simferopol

Sevastopol is the mythical city but it is also the best city to start or prolongate your Kazantip vacations. Hot nights parties till dawn every day of week in summer and unbelievable beaty of ukrainian girls on vacation will give you an energy to come back every year! During a day Sevastopol also has its own charm. The city of  history and Russian submarin base - there are numerous possibilities for walkings and discoveries. We offer you possibilities for a cheap stay at Sevastopol in apartment or in the great good hotel in the very centre of the city.

Crimea and Odessa

Between April and October you can also spend your unforgettable vacations in Crimea. The cities of Odessa or Sevastopol, that's also clubbing: crazy night life with DJs known all over the world and parties for those who love the neverending feast. 

For those who have never heard of the festival Kazantip in Crimea - a small presentation.

What is festival Kazantip in Crimea?

The festival Kazantip in Crimea is a summer break on the shores of the Black sea, one of the most beautiful and clear in the world! The same passion lives with us after the years at Kazantip: the pleasure for you to spend your vacations near the sea at Kazantip where all the dreams are possible, and the pleasure for us to meet you every year for a month of madness!

Kazantip festival, It's something unique: emotions, extraordinary memories, new friends and the desire to come back every year!

The Festival Kazantip 2014, as all the previous editions, will take place in Crimea, at the small resort of Popovka, that will host about 150 000 people during the festival. Kazantip - that's month of holiday on the seashore! The very best place to spend your vacations with your friends! With kazantipvoyage.com you'll find the best offers with the best parity "quality-price", and the most reliable information comparing to the other sites, dedicated to Kazantip and Crimea.

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Kazantip, where is it? How to get to Kazantip?

It's not the other part of the world but just a few hours away from you, in Crimea. The voyage to Crimea will let you discover a new country. Odessa and also the peninsula of Crimea with its enchanting climate that will give you unforgettable memories. In Simferopol, Sevastopol, Yalta, Evpatoria one will have a warm welcome, especially the English speaking foreigners from the western Europe, possessing a very positive image for Ukrainians. kazantipvoyage.com will help you not only to party at Kazantip, but also to complete your tour with the short-term visits to the most interesting cities of Crimea as a part of packages.

To get to Kazantip you should take a flight for Kiev, Odessa or Simferopol. The plane ticket is not included in the price of our offers: this enables you to choose when to depart, where from, and which airline to use to have the best price. However, booking your vacation with us you benefit the discount for the flights to Kiev and Simferopol with Ukraine International airlines. We give you the best possibilities to get to Kazantip by plane or by train.

Festival Kazantip 2014 in Crimea: info to know

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kaZantip originally is the name of the cape of Crimea on the shore of the sea of Azov where this brilliant idea was born: for the Europeans it is called Kazantip festival or kaZantip Crimea, for many kaZantip festival Crimea or kaZantip music festival, for the Italians kazantip festivali ou festival di kazantip, for Russians it's more than a festival: republic of kazantip or kazantip republic. The official website of the republic kaZantip is not kaZantip com but kazantip.net or kazantipa.net

7 good reasons to come to Kazantip in Crimea

Crimea is a fascinating destination, affordable and unspoiled by mass tourism. Crimean people are famous for their hospitality towards foreigners.

  • The sea: the seashore of Crimea is ideal for summer holidays. Kazantip is unique and it is nowhere but in Crimea (Ukraine)
  • Kazantip is unique and it is only in Crimea 
  • Crimea has a unique cultural heritage that has nothing to envy of its neighbors
  • An unforgettable country
  • A country of nightlife: restaurants, bars and lively nightclubs of Odessa, Sevastopol or Evpatoria are open until very late at night.
  • The 7th reason? Try to guess... No visa for most visitors *

* Please consult with your embassy

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We work in Crimea, and only in Crimea. Besides, our interest is that you come here, that you are satisfied and let the others know about it. Your vacation is very important, don't make a mistake... I am French, living in Crimea for seven years, with my French- and English-speaking team we are at your service for the whole summer. 

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