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Popovka Russia


Popovka - what is it?

Popovka is the name of the village that hosts annually the festival Befooz Kazantip. Popovka is the village of a few hundred inhabitants. But in summer Popovka is the house for dozens of thousands of festival-goers on the occasion of Kazantip. It becomes a small resort.
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Popovka - where is it ?

Popovka is situated on the Black sea shores in the Crimea. It is situated between lakes Donuzlav and Oyburskoe in about 40 km to the south from Evpatoria (the administrative region of Saki). You can see on the map of Popovka where exactly this village is situated. Popovka is about 100 km away from the airport of Simferopol, the capital of Crimea. Popovka would be a small lost village if it wouldn't host the Kazantip festival.

Popovka : how to get there?

Multiple ways and means of transport are available to get to Popovka. You can find all the info on the transport to get to Kazantip festival in Popovka with kazantipvoyage.com 

Popovka : where to stay?

Since the village hosts the international festival of electronic music, Popovka has developed at an impressive speed. Every summer we've got important changes: new houses and new hotels in Popovka. But infrastructure remains insufficient. The number of visitors grows every year and success of the festival Kazantip exceeds now borders of the Crimea. There are few international investors who develop projects: in fact, nobody has got a guarantee that Kazantip festival will be in Popovka forever. Even if the region is ideal for spending holidays and the beach of Popovka is the most beautiful beach in the Crimea, investment is too risky. The number of rooms in a hotel, rooms that inhabitants lease, or an apartment in Popovka remains insufficient.

In order to participate in Kazantip festival and to find where to live, it is better to stay in Popovka, because here you will be right near the festival. On this site you will find an accommodation offer : apartments to rent in Popovka
kazantip voyage also offers package all inclusive during Kazantip festival

Popovka : hotels

Here are photos of the hotels that we deal with in Popovka. The best parity 'quality-price' of the market. kazantipvoyage offers the best Popovka hotels. In order to situate our hotels in Popovka and know the distance that parts them from the festival, see the map of Popovka.
Without Kazantip festival, Popovka and even the town of Myrni that is situated right near by, will be totally unknown. In Europe it's exactly the TV reports that put a spotlight on this village full of contrasts.

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